Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an energy balancing therapy that works on the entire body to promote relaxation, restore energy, and improve flexibility. A combination of acupressure bodywork, passive stretching and assisted yoga postures are used to release tension, stimulating the body’s natural healing process to restore balance and harmony. This is also an effective therapy for treating ailments such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain, and premenstrual tension.

What to expect…
Thai Yoga Massage is carried out on a comfortable, padded floor mat. The client wears loose fitting clothes, with legs and upper arms fully covered, and the massage is performed through the clothes. No oils or lotions are typically used. A comprehensive body treatment covering all main acupressure lines/points and assisted stretches usually requires about 2 hours. This can be shortened if necessary, in which case the treatment is focused on the acupressure work and assisted stretches for any specific problem areas.

Options, Pricing and Booking

I offer treatments in at venues in Cambridge and Shelford. Treatment slots are generally available on Monday and Tuesday daytimes and evenings. However, other days/times, including weekends, are often available on an adhoc basis and so please don’t hesitate to ask. To make a booking, please contact Rachel.

Traditional Thai Massage – 2 hours – £60
A comprehensive body treatment covering all main acupressure lines/points and assisted stretches, including bodywork on any specific therapy areas such as lower back pain, knee pain, headaches etc.

Thai Yoga Massage – 1.5 hours – £50
A thorough body treatment covering all main acupressure lines/points, and selected assisted stretches to address any specific areas of tension and/or pain.

Thai Pregnancy Massage – 1.5 hours – £50
A relaxing yet thorough body treatment, adapted for pregnant women. This is effective for relieving heaviness and fatigue in the legs and feet, alleviating back, shoulder and hip pain, and generally reducing tension. For this treatment, you will be lying on one side and then the other on a comfortable floor mat.